I believe there are questions to answer before considering cost.

Not all photographers are created equal.

It is more than just comparing the price of an 8 x 10, or how many images on a disk.  Being a “professional” is not the same as being a craftsman and different photographers have different styles.  They have different experience and expertise levels.

I believe you should ask yourself the following:

 Is this event a one-time event?
 Does their style match your vision?
 Are these Heirloom images to be   cherished for years to come?
 What experience level are you willing to trust in a photographer?
 Does the photographer show a confidence level in their craft?
 Does the photographer you are choosing have the necessary equipment and the understanding of the equipment limitations and capabilities?
 Do you believe you get what you pay for?

I truly believe that there is no right or wrong answers to these questions.

I believe the answers to these questions must match your vision and goals.

Every photographer has to start somewhere and every client should choose according to their needs.

I choose to meet and discuss your needs first. I want to know what your vision is.
I want to create images you will treasure forever.

We will discuss all the aspects of your session or event and then you have the information to make your decision.

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